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Certified Los Angeles Appraiser  |  Over 9,000 appraisal completed since 2002  |  Competitive Fees  |  Fast Turnaround (within 48 hours)

Let 'That Appraisal Guy' Help You Today!

"Obtaining an appraisal for your property should not be a difficult experience for a homeowner, attorney, realtor or any party seeking to order one. All my appraisals are professionally and competently completed, typically within 48 hours from the inspection, by myself and only myself. There are no trainees or inexperienced appraisers working on this important valuation for whatever your needs may be. As a certified appraiser, I have been providing residential real estate appraisals to my clients in the Greater Los Angeles area for over 20 years now. Whether you require an appraisal for estate settlements, tax purposes or simply want to know the current market value, allow me to help you."

Bobby Dejban, CA Certified Real Estate Appraiser

aka "That Appraisal Guy"

Lic #AR032433

Coverage Area

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